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released March 21, 2016

Shane Elwell- Drums/ Vocals
Ryoko Minowa- Vocals/ Lyrics
Ariel Arro- Guitars
AR Mendez- Bass

All songs written by WILTING AWAY.

Recorded at Smoke Break Studios.
Mixed and Mastered by Winterskies Productions.

Thanks to Mike Garrison for his audio expertise, and Lauren Salinas for the logo and cover art.



all rights reserved


WILTING AWAY Austin, Texas

GRINDCORE from Austin, Texas.

Ariel Arro- Guitar
Shane Elwell- Drums
Ryoko Minowa- Vocals
AR Mendez- Bass

Featuring members of Poison the Well, Flesh Consumed, VBT, Clit Eastwood, ID, Absurdist, Oppressive Force, In Oblivion, and more.
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Track Name: Downer
Ataxia, sedation
Euphoria, pain relief,
I need, I need to dissociate,
Sever myself from this being,
Impairment of memory,
The system is shutting down,
I need, I need to dissociate,
Sever, myself from this being,
Dependence, somnolence,
Anesthesia, peaceful death
Track Name: Grin and Bear It
Grin and bear it,
Grin and bear it,
Feel the weight of the world crippling you,
Hoping for a glimpse, of any kind of break through,
Killing spree, killing spree, grin and bear it, grin and bear it,
This is how you handle pain and misfortune,
A mechanism of survival,
Putting on a performance,
Every waking second of your life,
Grin and bear it,
Grin and bear it
Track Name: Destabilized
Shut up and just ingest all the poison,
They'll make you feel it's for a good reason,
Locked up in an asylum,
Helpless to all the tyrants,
Caged in lithium dreamland,
Slave to every command,
I refuse the numbness,
Not a zombie in darkness,
Sorry, I've been destabilized,
I refuse to be stigmatized,
Sorry, I've been destabilized,
I refuse to be stigmatized
Track Name: Too Late
In times of turmoil comes,
Sower of discord,
Bedeviled man,
Disguised in garments, That warrant respect,
Dividing institutions, With demagoguery,
Foments agitation, Lead us to perdition,
It's too late, It's too late,
We're too busy staring at screens (It's too late, it's too late)
Too fucking clueless to know what it means (It's too late, it's too late)
Hope this is a fucked up dream (It's too late, it's too late)
The devil will hear our screams (It's too late, it's too late)
Track Name: Untimely End
Untimely end, untimely end, only death is certain in the end,
A million ways to meet your untimely end,
Be absolutely sure your life is well spent,
Speak freely til the end, never be afraid to offend,
Relationships need to mend?, make sure a truce is sent,
All the rules that I bend, consequences I'll transcend,
All the time that you spend, worrying won't matter in the end,
On nobody I'll depend, No chains to hold and apprehend,
Always ready to meet my untimely end
Track Name: Path of Vengeance
Hey man, wanna go to war?
I'm on a path of vengeance!
Hey you, let's settle the score,
In my path of vengeance
With tremendous forethought,
I've calculated murder,
Prepare for an onslaught,
This hatred I've harbor end,
See the smile on my face,
As heads roll all over this place,
Decorate the walls with intestinal trails,
Collect all the blood in gallon pails,
Hey man, wanna go to war?
I'm on a path of vengeance!
Hey you, let's settle the score,
In my path of vengeance!
Track Name: Going Nowhere Fast
Going nowhere fast
Can't tell if I'm drowning
In fucking quicksand
Or despairing
From straying too far from the path
Only one thing's certain
I'm going nowhere fast
I'm going nowhere fast
Track Name: Beacon of Failure
I'm a beacon of failure
I wasn't born with all the riches,
I wasn't born to succeed,
Crawled out of the ditches,
To survive I bleed,
A struggle so vicious,
To this life I concede,
If you not know failure,
Cast your eyes on me,
See a tortured creature,
Contorted as can be,
Beacon of failure
Track Name: Brace for Impact
Put your head down
And pray to Satan
That you don't drown
And give life as payment
A crunching sound
Bones hit the pavement
Brains slosh around
Demonic assailant
So brace for impact
The most slaughterhouse impact of your life
Brace for the
Impact of your life
Track Name: Pulling Teeth
Pulling teeth,
Extracting information from you,
When you have shut me out,
Is like pulling teeth,
Bring the ancient dental equipment out,
Oral speculum pries open the mouth,
Periodontal syringe to numb the truth,
Then the dental screw forceps,
Drills, drills, drills, then extracts the truth